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ZipZap adds 25k locations in UK and 240k locations in Russia for Bitcoin for Cash, beginning Jan. 2014

A spokes person of ZipZap announced last Saturday on the Bitcoin Expo in London that ZipZap is adding bitcoin to their business model. That means that from the second week of January 2014 there will be 25k small shops in UK that will hand out Bitcoin for Cash and 240k locations in Russia. Basically every small shop that is selling lottery tickets or doing money exchange will give out Bitcoins automatically because they are already connected with ZipZap.
He mentioned that briefly in the Q&A and didn't seem to realize that this is big news for the bitcoin community. I approached him later to make sure there was no misunderstanding and he confirmed it again.
I think that is a very important and big step towards mainstream acceptance and this news should spread. I dont understand why ZipZap doesn't announce that officially.
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Bitcoin reseller announced that it is now accepting cash payments at thousands of locations throughout United Kingdom.
“We are excited to present the easiest and fastest way to buy bitcoins in United Kingdom” said Lasse Olesen, CEO of "When signing up at you can choose to buy Bitcoins with a cash deposit. We simply send a cash payment confirmation that you deliver to one of our many agents. Within minutes the cash payment is confirmed and the bitcoins will be in your wallet."
To provide this service, has partnered with ZipZap Inc. to manage the cash payment infrastructure.
In other words, offers UK residents a consistent way to get bitcoins using cash without dealing with international payments. “This is a key piece of infrastructure that allows Bitcoin to grow further in the UK,” said Olesen. Try it for yourself at
ABOUT BUYBITCOIN.SG is a website of DGT Pte Ltd, an international Bitcoin reseller based in Singapore. DGT consists of a team with years of experience in the digital currency exchange space. Founder and CEO Lasse Olesen is also known as the founder of trusted European Bitcoin reseller Bitcoin Nordic, which has been serving the European market since early 2012.
ZipZap, Inc. is the largest global cash payment network, enabling consumers to buy bitcoin with cash at over 28,000 payment center locations throughout the UK, with more territories coming soon. Founded in 2010, ZipZap is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations around the globe. For more information about ZipZap, visit
DGT Pte Ltd (, 1 North Bridge Road #03-23, High Street Centre, Singapore, 179094, E-mail: [email protected]
ZipZap Inc., San Francisco, California, E-mail: [email protected]
  1. Select a payment center
  2. Upload ID and fill in details
  3. After approval of ID you'll receive payment slip by e-mail
  4. Go to payment center and pay
Confirmed by ZipZap:
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My LTC wishes for 2014 : MtGox, ZipZap, Coinbase, Coinkite, Bitcoiniacs, Coinkite, Lamassu ATMs and so much more...

What I expect for the new year :
Well, I think it will be enough for the first part of the new year... And you, what do you expect for the new year ? (I may have been a little shy about my predictions...)
Happy end-of-year celebration from Paris, France.
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Can bitcoin be bought from UK shops using ZipZap yet?

The ZipZap site released a statement on Feb. 6 saying that a cash to bitcoin service was now operational in 28,000 UK stores:
However, I haven't seen anything here or anywhere else to confirm.
Can anyone confirm whether bitcoin can be bought in UK shops through ZipZap yet?
If so, what was your experience with it?
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Who are the people that use Zip Zap? Migrant workers in Canada (and soon UK and US) who send money to Philippines, India and China (and soon dozens of other countries) How many active customers do you have today? We currently have 300+ active users in Canada and hundreds of recipients in India and Philippines. Do you have customer testimonials? Yes. Please see the reviews on Google search ... Global cash transaction network ZipZap has formally reinstated its bitcoin buying service at more than 20,000 partner retail locations in the UK. The news follows an abrupt halt of the company’s digital currency services this March[1], when its UK-based payment processor PayPoint[2] said it would require more regulatory clarification regarding bitcoin to support the offering. […] Migrant workers send $600 billion every year to loved ones in their home countries. ZipZap makes it easy for these workers far from home to send unlimited remittances for a flat monthly rate of $25. Instead of having to visit a store, wait in line, and pay expensive fees, migrant workers can now send as many remittances as they want, at amounts they can afford—all from their phone. This is ... UK Cash-for-Bitcoin Service ZipZap unterbricht BTC-Transaktionen 2020 - Bitcoin on air. Globales Cash-Payment-Netzwerk ZipZap hat vorübergehend digitale Währungs-Transaktionen angehalten, nachdem Partner- und Nicht-Bitcoin-Zahlungsprozessor PayPoint sagte, es brauche mehr Klärung über die umliegenden Regelungen. ZipZap CEO Alan Safahi sagte CoinDesk, dass das Unternehmen seine Beziehung zu ... ZipZap inc – one of the most promising startups within the digital currency sector has allegedly terminated operations in the UK.. Until recently the “Cash 4 Bitcoin” service allowed customers to purchase Bitcoins in exchange for cold hard cash at thousands of locations around the country but apparently due to ongoing problems with PayPoint (the company that manages the payment ...

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