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CoinCode: infos on coin/blockchain code, tools, and tech.

CoinCode in my mind is a specialized place in that I would like to discuss all things coin/blockchain that pertain to code, tools/software, and technology. This is a partly product of me having to dig through posts to find the ones with code blocks in /bitcoin, but also to help perpetuate the open and free ideals that the blockchain/bitcoin code were born from.

Come on people, ether raises 26,000+ BTC! then other important projects like dark wallet raises little scratch.

Dark wallet and anon coin mixing is sooooooo important for "legitimate" business just as much as iligitamate businesses because no business owner wants thier competitors to figure out income or who a supplier is or how much they are paying for supplies. Just normal business.

It is important for bitcoins future to be anon by default.

This is from genjix
We're under resourced, and have run out of funds. Now the team is remaining to code and bring the community the release volunteering full time.
Check this article:
“We want highly skilled, hard working people that are fans of bitcoin as a technology, and perhaps less as a movement – you need to be able to separate business from politics if you want to operate in the highly regulatory space of financial services.” It is always hard to attract talent to startups, and it is even harder to attract talent to a startup in a new ‘risky’ technology. 
Darkwallet has the opposite problem. We WANT politicised highly motivated individuals that think for themselves and are honest with us. We have lots of talent offering us their help from designers at the top of their field to highly skilled programmers. We just don't have the resources to pay people, and so everyone chips in a little of their time and things inch slowly along.
It's easy for me to sell the project, and take investor money. But I want to keep this project pure to its goals and integrity, and working for the community instead of selling it off to the highest bidders for their profit. I want Bitcoin users to profit from this project. We need to raise 40 BTC to make the release, and then we'll be in a strong position as a project to raise capital from multiple sources to fund development.
So don't be shy, we will deliver the best production ready wallet with unmatched technology on all fronts. Tools to create your own DAC, launder money to your own private super tax haven, a smooth beautiful experience and the best in instant yet private blockchain technology (that no other wallet has). Who
Keep Darkwallet in your hands.
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UK Bitcoin users, what is your preferred method of converting Bitcoins into GBP and vice versa.

On a little looking about seems to be one of the only GBP:BC sites that seems trustworthy,
"My name is Amir Taaki. I have been involved in bitcoin development for the past 8 months and have been one of its few active developers. You can see my posts at the bitcoin forums under the name genjix where I have a solid reputation. I have developed open source software for: this exchange, a bitcoin stock market exchange, a bitcoin client (Spesmilo) and others.
For a list of my current projects please visit Bitcoin Consulancy's wiki page. is my decision to provide those living in the UK with a free exchange in order to promote awareness in the UK and allow UK residents to not miss out on the benefits of using bitcoins and being part of this great social change!"
Has anyone here got experience with them or any other UK Bitcoin trader that they can share?
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From Bitcoin Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. A short list of active contributors to Bitcoin, ordered by first name. Andreas Schildbach - original developer of Bitcoin Wallet for Android (Google Code Project). Amir Taaki aka genjix- creator of the BIP process, Libbitcoin C++ developer toolkit, Obelisk blockchain server (later BS), SX bitcoin command line tool (later BX), Darkwallet ... User:Genjix. From Bitcoin Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Mi parolas esperante. Se vi dezirus babili min, vi povus kontaki min per aŭ skajpo aŭ repoŝto. Mesaĝu min! Poetry. From East to West... from North to South... from Developed to Undeveloped... a thousand conduits whisper before we say a word. Light speed pulses. Infinite. Infinitesimal. Our world is shrinking. I speak, it's gone ... User:Genjix/Bitcoin. From Bitcoin Wiki < User:Genjix. Jump to: navigation, search. Under Construction. You will either instantly dismiss it as something that could never work, or you will immediately understand its large potential. Bitcoin is a new kind of digital cash. This talk will explain why it will change the world and make banks irrelevant. It is an open source project for people to ... $ ./bitcoin-cli listaccounts # show list of accounts and various info for each one $ ./bitcoin-cli getaccountaddress user889 # get an address to receive money to that is unique for the account user889 $ ./bitcoin-cli getbalance user889 # get the sum of all the money in the addresses owned by the account user889 Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous ...

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